Bill Moor

Clinical & Performance Resume

Professional Training and Employment


Registration: Clinical Psychologist (072-002653)
Registration: Certified Masters AODA Counselor (Inactive)
Registration: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Inactive)



Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago (1980)


Clinical Psychology


Institute For Juvenile Research, Chicago (1979)

Certificate in Family Therapy


Northwestern University, Evanston (1972)




Roosevelt University, Chicago

B.A.(1964) M.A.(1966) M.A.(1968)


Dominican University, River Forest (2008-Present)

Spanish Competency Tutorial


Roosevelt University ,Chicago (2011-Present

Independent Mathematics Studies


Roosevelt University ,Chicago (2006-08

Independent Spanish Studies

Instituto Mexicano Norteamericano Relaciones ,México, D.F. (1989-1993)



Spanish Language and Culture Center ,Chicago ( 1998-2000)


Alliance Francaise ,Chicago (1997)


Instituto Cultural Mexicano Norteamericano De Jalisco ,Guadalajara, Mexico (1995)


Chicago Center for Family Health ,University of Chicago ( 1994-1996)


Instituto Cultural Oaxaca ,Oaxaca, México (1994)


Previous Employment


Director, Diagnostic Center, Suburban Clinical Services (1996-2010)

Therapist, Performing Arts Counseling Services (2005-2010)

Agency Represented Actor (2004-2009)

Certified Evaluator, DCFS (1997-2010)

Citizen Police Oversight Committee (Oak Park: 2009-2010)

Psychological Consultant, Northwest Youth Outreach (1989-94; 1998-2007)

Psychological Consultant, McKinley Community Services (1981-2001)

Consultative Examination Panel Member, Bureau of Disability Determination Services (1997-2000)

Psychological Consultant, Seguin Services (1998-2000)

Psychological Consultant, Gateway Foundation, Inc. (1978-1996)

Psychological Consultant, Institute for Psycho-Social Development (1993-1996)

Clinical Director, Continuing Care Program, PsychGenesis, Forest Hospital (1994-1996)

Director, In-Patient Services, Suburban Clinical Services (1981-1996)

Psychological Consultant, Integrated Management Systems (1992-1995)

Impartial Psychological Evaluator, City of Chicago/FOP (1991-1994)

Clinical Consultant, Associates In Monitored Care (1992-1994)

Clinical Consultant, Home Care, Inc. (1992-1994)

Clinical Consultant, Riveredge Hospital Chemical Dependence Programs (1990-1993)

Clinical Consultant, National Safety Council: Sorting It Out Educational Film (1987-88)

Clinical Consultant, Catholic Charities (1985-86)


Assistant Director, Adjunctive Therapy Section:


Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute, Michael Reese Medical Center (1973-85)

Psychological Consultant, Riverside Psychiatric and Counseling Associates (1984-85)

Psychological Consultant, MacNeal Memorial Hospital (1984-85)

Psychological Consultant, Berwyn Fire and Police Commission (1983-84)

Psychology Instructor, Morton College (1982-84)

Executive Director, In Search of Self Drug Abuse Program (1980-81)

Assistant Director, Diagnostic Center Cook County Department of Corrections (1979-81)

Clinical Consultant, Interventions, Inc. (1980)

Clinical Consultant, Department of Psychiatry Health and Hospitals Governing Commission (75-78)

Administrative Program Design and Development Projects


Residential Treatment Unit: Juvenile Treatment Institute (1994)

Continuing Care Program: Forest Hospital (1994)

Intensive Adolescent Out-Patient Substance Abuse Program: Riveredge Hospital (1992)

Adult Chemical Dependence Aftercare Program: Hartgrove Hospital (1992)

Associates Monitored Treatment (with T. Kunstek): Riveredge Hospital (1992)

Substance Abuse Certification Seminars: Riveredge Hospital (1991-92)

Adult Intensive Out-Patient Chemical Dependence Program (with A. Schreiner): Riveredge Hospital (1990)

Long Term Treatment Unit Proposal (with E. Wolpert and H. Harris): Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute (1982-85)

Day Hospital Project: The Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute (1983-84)

Department of Psychiatry Quality Assurance Plan (with W. Hammett): Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute (1983)

Comprehensive Treatment Management/Management Evaluation System: Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute (1981-82)

Neuroscience Study and Research Project (with R. Marken): Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute (1982-83)

Pre-Discharge/Post-Discharge Transitional Care Program: Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute (1979-80)

Residential Community Drug Abuse Placement as an Alternative to Sentencing to the Illinois Department of Corrections: Gateway House Foundation (1979-80)

Comprehensive Human Care Services: Cook County Department of Corrections (1980)

Personal Access and Monitoring System: Cook County Diagnostic Center (1979)

Correctional/Community Drug Abuse Program: Cook County Diagnostic Center (1979)

Comprehensive Clinical Intake Procedures: Cook County Department of Corrections (1979)

Evaluation Procedures for Treatment Outcome: Gateway House Foundation (1979)

Community Mental Health Linkage Program: Department of Psychiatry, Cermak Memorial Hospital (1979)

Comprehensive Milieu Therapy Program: Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute (1976-79)

Clinical Training Program for Correctional Officers: Cook County Sheriff's Office (1978-79)

Residential Psychiatric Treatment Unit (A 215 bed proposed facility): Department of Psychiatry, Cermak Memorial Hospital (1975-78)

Clinical Staff Supervision Program: Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute (1975-78)

Consultative Projects


Senior Needs Assessment. Co-Funded by the Township of Berwyn and Berwyn Township Health District (1994).


Clinical Theoretical Constructs (with P. Barglow), An ongoing investigation of clinically central concepts such as "pain," "anxiety," and "evidence" (1982-83)


Treatment Management/Management Evaluation. Flowchart for proposed revision of treatment management and the evaluation of such processes.


Client Characteristics in Successful Treatment. Two part research commissioned by Gateway Foundation.


Pre/Post-Discharge Transitional Treatment Program. Analysis of the structure and content of a transitional care program designed to reduce re-entry crises.


Racial Balance Within A Correctional Setting. An analysis of the implications of Federal Court Requirements for racial balance within Correctional Department housing units (1980)


The Three Stages of Knowledge, Skill, and Attitudes in the Development of a Milieu Therapist (with P. Bogdanoff). Basis for redefinition of interdisciplinary clinical roles within an in-patient psychiatric setting.


Donkey-Brained Dope Fiend. Unpublished Monograph presenting and analyzing the In Search of Self residential drug abuse program (1981)


Post-Discharge Demographics. An analysis (by sex/age/length of stay) of which metropolitan communities patients are released to--as a means of planning service allocation (1980)


A Comprehensive Intake Screening Process. Proposal for the reorganization of screening/referral procedures for incoming detainees (1980)


Monitoring Substance Abuse Services. Flowchart analysis for monitoring substance abuse services originating within the Cook County Department of Corrections (1980)


Gender Identity and the Male Heroin Addict. Quantified Item Content and Area/Location Displacement of male heroin addicts' Draw-A-Person protocols (1979)


Dysphasia and Schizophrenia (with R. Simmons). Use of the Evans= Aphasia Test to investigate organicity as a basis of schizophrenia (1979)


Clinical Training Manual. Training manual for a 20 hour course given to 2,000 Cook County Correction Officers as part of their training (1978-79)


A Time/Motion Study of Utilization of In-Patient Psychiatric Programs. An analysis of differential utilization rates resulting from alternative program designs (1978)


The Effects of Directive and Non-Directive Leadership on Patterns and Contents of Interaction (with R. Simmons). Use of Draw-Your-World art therapeutic technique to analyze the differential effect of leadership styles on the nature of communication patterns (1978)


Parameters for a Comprehensive Health Care Delivery System. A section of the Illinois Department of Mental Health Task Force Report (1978)


A Comparison of Correctional Psychiatric Facility Staffing Patterns. A Report submitted to the Department of Psychiatry (Cermak Memorial Hospital) in preparation for the development of a Psychiatric facility at the Cook County Department of Corrections (1977)


Therapists' Use of Verbal and Nonverbal Indices for Descriptions of Group Interaction. A study of the types of group behavior experienced group therapists see as significant (1977)


A Program Manual. A manual of operations and procedures prepared for the Health and Hospitals Governing Commission and submitted to a Federally appointed panel (Harrington vs. Elrod et. al. 1977)




Diagnóstico y Terapia Familiar, Universidad De Las Américas, A.C., México, D.F. (2005)


Diagnostic Disagreements, Cook County Delinquency Court Judges (1998)


Diagnosing, Disabilities, and the DSM-IV-R, Maximus (1997)


Basic Diagnostic Concepts,@ TRY Center (1997)


"Family Therapy with Adult Substance Abusers," The Gateway Training Academy Program (1995)


"Adolescent Development and How It Can Go Wrong," The Gateway Training Academy Program (1995)


"Natural Family Structure: The Ghost in Every Home," The Gateway Training Academy Program (1995)


"The Lazy Person's Guide to the Nervous System and How Medications and Drugs Affect It," The Gateway Training Academy Program (1995)


"Psychological Tests and What They Tell The Counselor About The Client," The Gateway Training Academy Program (1995)


"Differential Diagnosis and Managed Care," The Gateway Training Academy Program (1994)


"The ABCD's of Diagnosing," The Gateway Training Academy Program (1994)


"The ABCD's of Diagnosing," Forest Hospital Continuing Care Program Presentation (1994)


"Cultural Diversity Within A School Setting," Santa Maria Deliroso Grammar School Institute Day (1994)


"Systems Thinking and Treatment Planning," Riveredge Substance Abuse Seminars (1994)


"Diagnosing For Managed Care," ChildServe In-Service (1994)


"Adolescent Development," Riveredge Substance Abuse Seminars (1994)


"Cultural Diversity: What a Difference Difference Makes," Riveredge Special Education Seminars (1994)


"Natural Family Structure and Process," Riveredge Substance Abuse Seminars (1994)


"Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Crack Babies," Riveredge Special Education Seminars (1994)


"Neuropsychology: The Nervous System Simplified," Riveredge Substance Abuse Seminars (1994)


"Elements of Differential Diagnosis," Riveredge Substance Abuse Seminars (1993)


"The ABCDs of Diagnosing," Riveredge Substance Abuse Seminars (1993)


"Natural Family Structure and Process," Universidad De Las Americas (1993)


"Crack Babies," REH Substance Abuse Seminars (1993)


"Why Families Break Up and How They Stay Together," REH Community Education Series (1993)


"The ABCDs of Diagnosing," IAODAPCA Annual Conference (1993)


"Families Who Can't and Families Who Won't Be Treated," REH Substance Abuse Seminars (1993)


"Systems Thinking and Treatment Planning," REH Substance Abuse Seminars (1993)


"What Happens When An Adolescent Is Hospitalized," West Suburban Juvenile Officers Association (1993)


"Client Types," REH Substance Abuse Seminars (1993)


"Families That Can't and Families Who Won't Get Involved In Treatment," Universidad De Las Americas (1992)


"Elements of Differential Diagnosis," REH Substance Abuse Seminars (1992)


"Psychological Tests and What They Tell You About Your Clients," REH Substance Abuse Seminars (1992)


"A Lazy Person's Guide to the Nervous System and Drugs," REH Substance Abuse Seminars (1992)


"Special Education Policy," The Wanda Wells Show, WFLD (1992)


"Working with Difficult Families," Universidad de las Americas, Mexico, D.F. (1992)


"Treatment Management," NYO Training Institute (1992)


"Treatment Planning," Continuing Education Series (1992)


"Adolescent Development," Continuing Education Series (1992)


"Families that Can't/Won't Be Helped," Continuing Education Series (1992)


"Dysfunctional Families," Continuing Education Series (1992)


"Treatment Types II," Continuing Education Seminars (1992)


"Treatment Types I," Continuing Education Seminars (1992)


"Changing Neighborhoods and the School," (with J. Turner and D. Harder) Forest Park Elementary School System (1992)


"Gangs, Cults and Drugs," Riveredge Hospital Community Education Program (1992)


"Cocaine and Crack," Chicago Cabelvision, 1992


"Clinical Issues Facing EAPs," Perspectives, Inc., In-Service (1991)


"Adolescent Developmental Issues," NYO In-Service (1991)


"Elements of Neuropsychology," NYO In-Service (1991)


"Client Types," Continuing Education Seminars (1991)


"Clinical Interviews," Continuing Education Seminars (1991)


"Differential Diagnoses," Continuing Education Seminar (1991)


"Elements of Diagnosis," Continuing Education Seminar (1991)


"Families in Turmoil," Riveredge Hospital Community Education Program (1991)


"Children in Crisis," SASED Institute Day (1990)


"The Traumatized Child," Riveredge Hospital Community Education Program (1990)


"Assessing Clients," Cook County Adult Probation Department (1989)


"Perspectives in Mental Retardation," Riveredge Hospital Conference (1989)


"Student Assistance Programs," Morton High School Institute Day (1989)


"Sorting It Out--Drugs and Kids," Parents Against Drugs (1989)


"Working With Families," Leyden Area Community Council (1989)


"Drugs and Summertime," Riveredge Hospital Community Education Series (1988)


"Drug Abusers' Families," Parents Against Drugs (1988)


"Family Change: Normal and Not," Riveredge Hospital Community Education Series (1988)


"Diagnosis and Treatment of Conduct Disordered Youngsters," McKinley Community Services (1988)


"DUI Laws and Treatment," United Way Referral Agent Program (1988)


"Suburban Drug Abuse," ABC Interview (1988)


"Milieu Therapy and Staff Burn-out," Riveredge Hospital In-Service (1988)


"DUI Evaluation and Treatment," United Way Referral Agent Program (1988)


"Teen Suicide," United Way Referral Agent Program (1987)


"Psychological Testing: What It Means," McKinley Community Services Developmental Center (1988)


"Conduct Disordered Students," Chicago Board of Education Social Services Department (1987)


"Group Therapy in a Milieu Setting," Riveredge Children=s Service (1987)


"Schools and Drugs," CHSD 218 (1987)


"When To Hospitalize," Illinois School Psychologists Association (1987)


"Gang Problems," Morton Township Institute Day (1987)


"Substance Abuse," Oak Park Elementary School PTA Workshop (1987)


"Counseling Young Adults," Morton College (1987)


"Family Problems at School," Pupil Personnel Services, Argo Community High School (1987)


"Teen Suicide," St. Linus Parish (1987)


"Teen Depression and Suicide," Leo High School (1987)


"Pseudo-Dementia," Riveredge Hospital Educational Conference (1986)


"Teen Drug Abuse," District 230 (1986)


"Sexual Abuse," Reavis High School (1986)


"Stress Reduction," Chicago HMO (1986)


"Early Interventions," Riveredge Hospital Workshop (1986)


"Children, Adolescents, and Substance Abuse," St. Celestine (1986)


"Behavior Disorders," West Suburban Juvenile Officers Association (1986)


"Teen Suicide, Depression, and Drug Abuse," Marist High School (1986)


"Gangs," Cicero School (1986)


"Gangs," Irving School (1986)


“Gangs,” Howe School (1986)


"Behavior Problems," District 97, (1986)


"Conduct Disordered Youth," Illinois Truancy Prevention Association (1986)


"The Evolution of a Gang," Institute Day (Morton College), (1985)


"Special Education Networking," District 201 Institute Day (1985)


"Special Education Hard Core Students," District 210 Institute Day (1984)


"In-Patient Treatment of Conduct Disorders," Illinois Group Psychotherapy Association (1984)


"Individual Therapy and Conduct Disorders," West Suburban Special Education Conference (1984)


"Dealing with Gangs," Homes School PTA (1984)


"Normal Child Development," McKinley Community Services Workshop (1983)


"Stress Reduction," Morton College Conference on Health (1982)


"Managerial Stress" (with Chris Dattan), Shurfine Corporation (1982)


"Treating the Incarcerated Drug Addict," CBS News Report (1980)


"Drug Abuse Services for Latinos," Our People, Los Hispanos Television program (1980)


"Drug Addiction and the Courts," Cook County Department of Probation (1980)


"Family Therapy and Drug Abuse," Riverside Department of Mental Health (1980)


"Careers in Forensic Psychology," Roosevelt University CET Summer Institute (1980)


"Comprehensive Program Planning," Illinois Department of Mental Health (1978)


"Art Therapy Techniques," Illinois Group Psychotherapy Association (1976)


Media Involvement


Host, Mental Health Monitor, Metrovision Cable Television Network (1987-88).


Weekly one-half hour interviews of Mental Health Professionals on topics of local interest.


Columnist, "Mental Notes," Life Newspapers, Inc. (1987-88).


Monthly column Editor, Clinical Notes, Suburban Clinical Services Newsletter (1987-1994).


Current and Past Memberships


American Psychological Association


American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy


Illinois Association of Marriage and Family Therapy


Illinois School Psychologists Association


West Suburban Juvenile Officers Association


Police and Forensic Psychology Association


Illinois Group Psychotherapy Association


Illinois Art Therapy Association


American Philosophical Association


Performance Training and Employment


Dog Jack
Stranger Than Fiction
Flags of Our Fathers
Where It Gets You
Sorting It Out
Plantation Overseer (Featured)
Spectator (Background)
Divorcee (Principal)
Beggar (Featured)
Manager (Principal)
Father (Featured)
Mayor (Featured)
Self/Drug Counselor
McDougal Films
Miramax/Marc Forster
Warner Bros/Eastwood
Bad Penny Films
Wishbox Media
Kindas Films
Peacemaker Productions
Peacemaker Productions
American Safety Council Educational Film




Donnie Brasco
Health Monitor
FBI Agent (Background)
Engineer (Background)
Tower TV Productions
Syndicated Cable TV




The Coroner




Waiting For Lefty
Mr. Fayette (Featured)
Chicago Arts Theatre


Dramatic Training


Annoyance Theater:
ActOne Studios
Victory Gardens Center
The Audition Studio
Private Coaching
Columbia College
Improv Levels 1-4
Meisner Technique, Shakespeare Scene Study
Acting 1, Acting 2, Audition, Scene Study, Performing Shakespeare
Master Class, Scene Study
Role Interpretation
Student Film roles: Finding You, Urchins, Studio, Dying, Watch


Music/Movement Training


Private Lessons
Bongo, Conga & Cajon, Castanet, Piano, Ballroom Dancing

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